Apollo Temple «Portara»

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The huge marble gate of Apollo's unfinished temple still stands offering great framing for pictures of the surrounding sea and town.

The Portara among other ruins and part of the settlement of Chora in the background.
photo: WeeFee_Photography

The trademark of the island of Naxos, since it is the first image for every visitor who approaches the port. It is located on the small island of "Palatia" or "Vackhos Island" that is very close to the central village (Chora) while σινψε 1919 it is connected to the island with a narrow piece of land.

What is the archeological remain called Portara?

The main ruin among the remains of the monument is the part that was supposed to be the entrance of the archaic temple of god Apollo, a temple that started to be built in the 6th BC century but was never completed. Instead, the only thing left was the entrance.

The locals call it "Portara" which means "Big door" and the exact place where it stands is linked with the myth of Thiseas. He has abandoned Ariadne on the island, after taking her from Crete, while here she met the god Dionysos who fell in love with and married her.

Nowadays, Portara is the most visited and most photographed landmark of Naxos and at the same time is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset.

About Apollo Temple «Portara»

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

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