Apeiranthos, Naxos

Naxos Settlement

Mountainous village famous for its traditional architecture, the delicious cuisine, and the distinctive local idiom of its inhabitants.

A central narrow street of the Apeiranthos village in Naxos with the totally white surrounding buildings.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Apeiranthos is located in the mainland almost at the center of the island, on an altitude of 650 meters above the sea level.

The distinctive way of pronouncing some words and the local customs make many researchers assuming that Apeiranthos inhabitants originate from the mountain villages of Crete, Sfakia, and Anogeia, while others believe that they come from a coastal area of Minor Asia due to the good connection of Apeiranthos people with the sea.

Apeiranthos is a traditional village and probably one of the most beautiful villages of the island because of the stone houses made and the narrow streets. The guest of Apeiranthos can visit the archaeological museum or the small art gallery in the center of the village. There are also some worth seeing monuments like the two Frankish castles from the 17th century, the old windmills, and the Byzantine churches with extraordinary murals on the walls.

It is worth mentioning that Apeiranthos is the birthplace of Manolis Glezos, a Greek hero who climbed on Acropolis rock in Athens on the 31st of May 1941 during the German occupation and took down the Nazi's flag.

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Last updated: 6 Aug 2020

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