Milos Beaches

Thanks to its volcanic past, the island is blessed with some of Greece's most extraordinary beaches. Rare rock formations, cliffs, caves and arches.

Milos Beaches


Gerakas Beach

Breath-taking, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping beach. A sensational sight when you reach by boat. Enjoy the pristine waters and sand.


Sikia (Cave) Beach

Essentially, a collapsed cenote with a beach. Simply spectacular. It's accessible only by sea, so it'd better be on your boat tour's itinerary.

An image showing huge cliffs, caves, and turquoise waters of Kleftiko.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0
hidden gem

Kleftiko Caves

The complex of small bays and grey-white volcanic rocks accessible by boat. You can enter the caves swimming and take outstanding pictures.

Red-brown rocky hills, turquoise-green waters, and blue sky in a very colorful picture of Thiorihia Beach.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0
hidden gem

Thiorichia Beach

The abandoned sulfur mine gives this beach its character. Enter at your own risk. Fantastic underwater world too. Accessible by sea, hiking or 4x4.


Agathia Beach

Snorkel at Agathia and enjoy a maybe unusual findings. Pristine nature on a gorgeous beach. Nudist friendly. Bring a parasol. Only for big cars.

People walking on limestone rocks and cliffs of Sarakiniko Beach on Milos island.
must visit

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is an outstanding beach with Melian rock formations made by volcanic activity. A photographic heaven, and a utopia for cliff divers.


Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis has three remote, pristine beaches of ineffable beauty. Yellow and pink cliffs, blue sea, purity, and breathtaking sunsets.


Fyriplaka Beach

A beach with a cliff and huge boulder in the sea. Idyllic and suitable for kids, as the waters are relatively shallow. However, it gets crowded.


Plathiena Beach

A comparatively peaceful beach for chilling all day enjoying good food and a beautiful view. Top spot for colorful sunsets.


Firopotamos Beach

What a place! With terraces touching the waves, it's like a pirate cove that developed into a tiny touristic resort with the passing of time.

A sandy beach with a rock on one side and low-vegetation hills in the background at Alogomandra, Melos.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Alogomandra Beach

The Horse Ranch beach has a rocky spot with natural shade but you need to get there early. It's not too pleasant when it gets overcrowded.


Tsigrado Beach

Tiny beach between steep cliffs accessible through a steep narrow passage that ends to a wooden ladder. An adventure worth only if the beach is not packed.


Paleochori Beach

Old Village or Paleochori beach has nice sand and clean waters. You may enjoy watching the cliffs while swimming. Mesmerizing and meditational.


Agia Kiriaki Beach

At Agia Kiriaki, the beach is sandy with small pebbles and clean waters. It has an imposing rocky hill on the side. Let it work on you.

A bay sliced in two by a big rock, and a small house carved out of the rock at Mytakas Beach.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Mytakas Beach

Two small bays separated by typical Melian rock. It's a chilled place, but it can get crowded in high season. Beach bar with drinks an snacks.

An aerial picture of red and yellow cliffs and green-blue sea at Tourlos, Melos.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Tourlos Beach

Geologist's favorite beach, at Tourlos colorful cliffs meet an equally colorful sea. Nice beach bar. View to the open ocean.


Ammoudaraki Beach

Not too hard to reach with a big car or by boat, Ammoudaraki is a lone beach with only a very few people and no bars or nearby infrastructure.


Achivadolimni Beach

A fantastic long beach with sand and pebbles fenced by rocky hills on its right nd left. Water not too deep - excellent for families.


Provatas Beach

Provatas is a sandy beach with shallow waters. Easy to access, with a few fish taverns and a beach bar providing loungers.

A few white buildings on the left and in the background the island of Kimolos, view from Pollonia beach.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Pollonia Beach

Swimming here has the advantage of being close to the charming village, Pollonia, for lunch or dinner. Excellent sunsets - try evening.