Paliouri Halkidiki

A mountainous traditional settlement, hidden in the unique pine forest of Halkidiki that is also famous for the amazing nearby beaches.

It is located at the southeast point of the Kassandra peninsula. Paliouri is a small and traditional village built on a hill while it is surrounded by pine trees and has a magnificent view of the Toronaios gulf. The modern name "Paliouri" comes from the thorned shrubs which were used by the inhabitants as fences of their houses.

A series of archaeological excavations proved that on the same spot was existing the ancient city "Theramvos". It was mentioned by Herodotus, and according to the scripts, Theramvos was forced to join the Xerxes army, and probably this is the reason why it was never mentioned by anyone after that incident.

Today it is considered as a significant tourist destination with modern infrastructure and facilities. The village preserves its traditional character thought, with narrow streets and houses that follow the architectural patterns of the 19th-century. The visitor should not forget to buy the famous local honey or eat in one of the tavernas of the village.

About Paliouri Halkidiki

Last updated: 29 Dec 2020

address Paliouri, Kassandra Halkidiki, 630 85, Greece