Chora of Donousa (Stavros)

Donousa Settlement

Chief settlement and port of the island, here you will get accommodation as well as tavernas and a few bars. The nearby beach is fantastic.

The northeast island of the "Small Cyclades" is Donousa, a paradise on earth for those who want to enjoy peaceful vacations, away from big, noisy resorts. The capital and the main port of the island is Donousa or Stavros, a small, Cycladic village built in a protected and windless port where someone can find most of the tourist infrastructure of the island.

The church of Donousa is dedicated to the Holy Cross and was built in the 19th century, while people from the nearby islands come every year on the 14th of September to celebrate. There are also other small villages, such as Kalotarisa, Charavgi, and Mersini. Mersini hosts a plane tree that is over 100 years old and there is a spring of freshwater coming out of its roots!

Very close to Mersini, in a place called Vathi Limenari, there are the ruins of a settlement from the Geometric period, and those are the oldest traces of people living on the island. There is a number of beaches on the island where the visitor can enjoy the sea and the sun, while Donousa is connected with Piraeus port and other nearby islands.

About Chora of Donousa (Stavros)

Last updated: 19 Jan 2021

address Stavros, Donousa, 843 00, Greece
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