Agia Paraskevi Church, Kato Meria

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The church is famous for organizing the biggest traditional festival in Cyclades. It takes 100 volunteers 10 days to prepare for its 4000 guests.

Kato Meria considered the most idyllic location of Amorgos. Located in the southwestern part of the island consists of Vroutsi villages Kalofana, Kamari Arkesini, and Rachoula where only a few residents live today.

Among the local trademarks is the church of Agia Paraskevi in Kalofana, in honor of which is set up a big festival every year on July the 26th. On the name day of the saint, one of the biggest festivals in Cyclades islands is taking place. The event involves approximately 10 days of preparations while attracts visitors and faithful from all over the world.

More specifically the extent of the great "panigyri" (festival) can be described in approximate numbers that include 1800 kilos of meat, 800 bread loafs, 100 volunteers and 4000 guests. One day before the celebration on the 25th of July the famous dish "patatato" is prepared in 15 cauldrons in order to be offered to the guests in clay plates the next day. The "patatato" is made with 180 kilos of potatoes and 150 kilos of goat meat. The 26th of July and after so many preparations is a day dedicated to the food, the local music, and the dance.

On the road to Kato Meria, in a ravine, is also situated the chapel of St. George Valsamitis. Near Arkesini settlement someone can find the Tower of Agia Triada (Tower of the Trinity), which is considered as one of the most important archaeological monuments of the area.

About Agia Paraskevi Church, Kato Meria

Last updated: 15 Oct 2020

address Kato Meria, Amorgos, 840 08, Greece
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