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Xanthi - Nestos river Nestos river
Twelve kilometres outside the city centre you will find river Nestos and its surrounding area. The lush green banks of the river and the steep rocks form an extraordinary scenery. The lack of human and city noises make it an ideal destination for relaxation. In the whole area you will find traditional villages and also paths and places that are worth exploring on foot. The village Toxotes has one of the most picturesque railway station of Greece. Near the village Galani you will find the small church of Prtofitis Ilias, from which the view of the river is impeccable. After the village Galini a path starts that leads you to the banks of the river where you will see traditional wooden huts built on the sand of river. If you are an extreme sports fan, there are clubs that organise climbing on the cliffs or have equipment for canoe-kayak.
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