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Trikala - Central Bridge, built in 1886


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Sights in Trikala

Trikala - Matsopoulos Mill Matsopoulos Mill
"One of the most important industrial monuments of Greece is the mill of Matsopoulos in Trikala. The complex of buildi..." read more »
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Trikala - Frourio Frourio
Fortress of Trikala
"On the northeast corner of the city you will find the Fortress with its characteristic clock. It was build by emperor..." read more »
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Trikala - Pertouli Village Pertouli Village
Pertouli Ski Resort
"One of the most popular destinations of central Greece, Pertouli is 50 kilometres away from Trikala and at an altitud..." read more »
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Trikala - Kalabaka - Meteora Kalabaka - Meteora
"Kalambaka is a historical small city of Trikala prefecture, 352 kilometres away from Athens and 237 kilometres from T..." read more »
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Trikala - Asclepieion of Trikala Asclepieion of Trikala
"During antiquity the town Trikki was famous for the Asklipeiion and for being the hometown of famous doctor Asklipios..." read more »
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Trikala - Varousi & Manavika Varousi & Manavika
"The neighbourhoods of Varousi and Manavika are two of the most famous places of the old city. Varousi, during the Ott..." read more »
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Trikala - Centre of History and Culture «Kliafa» Centre of History and Culture «Kliafa»
"Kliafa industries is a known beverage company of Greece. They used to have their factory in Trikala and for many deca..." read more »
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Trikala - Lithaios Central Bridge Lithaios Central Bridge
"The Central Bridge links the central square with the pedestrian street of Asklipios. The bridge was built in 1886 by ..." read more »
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Trikala - Kursum Tzami Kursum Tzami
"The mosque of Osman Sah or Kursum Tzami is built at the edge of the city, on Karditsa street. It is an one of a kind ..." read more »
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Trikala - Sarakatsanoi annual meeting Sarakatsanoi annual meeting
"Every year, on the last Sunday of July Sarakatsanoi from all over Balkan region meet here. Sarakatsanoi is an ethnic ..." read more »
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Population: 62.154
Description: The beautiful city of Trikala is in the center of mainland Greece, in the northwestern part of the plain of Thessaly. It is 330 km (205 miles) from Athens and 214km (133 miles) from Thessaloniki. The city is famous for its layout and its flat landscape makes it ideal for going around by bicycle. Within the city flows the river Litheos, a tributary of the river Peneus. Trikala is a city that combines natural beauty with the amenities of a modern city, providing a high level of service to residents and visitors. Archaeological excavations have revealed traces of life dating back to the 3rd millennium BC In ancient times the city was named "Triki" or "Trika" and named after the nymph Triki, daughter of Peneus river or Assopos. Triki was a very important city in ancient world and it was where the famous physician Asclepius lived. The city is also mentioned by Homer, and participated in the Trojan War with 30 ships. According to the geographer Strabo, during the Mycenaean era was the capital of the state "Estaiotidas" and occupied the area of ​​the modern city. It fell to the Persians in 480 BC and in 352 BC was united with Macedonia. After a battle between Macedonians and Romans, the latter occupied it in 168 BC. During the first Christian centuries, the city was occupied successively by Goths, Huns, Slavs, Bulgarians, Normans, Catalans and Franks, returned for a period to the Byzantine Empire and finally conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1393, which marks its return also to development, after centuries of decline. During the Ottoman period Trikala was an important economic and cultural center, and here was the Trikke School, which taught known masters of the era. With the Treaty of Constantinople, the city became part of the Greek State, along with the rest of Thessaly and Epirus, and will be passed again for some time in the hands of the Turks, until the final union with Greece in 1898. In the years that followed, Trikala played an important role in the struggles of the peasants against the landlords and was the first city where agricultural cooperative founded in 1906. During the Second World War, Trikala were an operational place of the Resistance, and was home of the resistance commander, Stefanos Saraphis. The city was liberated from Nazi occupation on October 18, 1944.

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