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Thessaloniki - Panoramic from Castle


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Thessaloniki - Statue of Alexander the Great Statue of Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia in 356 BC. His parents were Philippos the Second of Macedonia and princess Olympiada of Epirus. He is considered to be the best Greek general of ancient Greece, because he became a king in the age of 20 after the assassination of his father and showed his great military skills in the battle of Chaironeia. His teacher was the great Greek philosopher Aristotle and his hero was Achilles. Alexander the Great was a great leader, led his army in victories and spread the Greek civilization in many different countries and cultures, but still respecting the local cultures. The statue of Alexander the Great is very close to the White Tower, right on the seafront and he is presented to be on his horse, the famous Voukefalas. It was created by sculptor Evaggelos Moustakas in 1974.
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