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Spetses - Traditional houses


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Sights in Spetses

Spetses - Museum of Spetses Museum of Spetses
Chatzigiannis-Meksis Villa
"It is housed in a charming villa of 18th century, the former residence of Chatzigiannis-Meksis, one of the benefactor..." read more »
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Spetses - Museum of Laskarina Bouboulina Museum of Laskarina Bouboulina
"Being her home-island, Spetses is the most appropriate place to have a museum about Laskarina Bouboulina. It is house..." read more »
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Spetses - Lighthouse of Spetses Lighthouse of Spetses
"On the right side of the old port of Spetses you can see the lighthouse of Spetses, one of the oldest that were ever ..." read more »
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Spetses - Armata Armata
"Armata is a series of celebrations that take place every year during the second weekend of September. A representatio..." read more »
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Spetses - Beaches of Spetses Beaches of Spetses
"Spetses is an island with exceptional beaches, most of them with sand and organized. One of the most popular is the b..." read more »
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Population: 3.916
Description: Favorite tourist destination, Spetses is a small historic island in the bay of Argolis, easily accessible to Ermionida port of Piraeus. According to findings, the island was inhabited since ancient times, when it was given the name Pityousa (pine), which held until the Byzantine period, while its current name owes to the Venetians who called it "Isola de Spezzie", which means "aromatoforos island ". Spetses experienced tremendous economic boom in the 18th century, which developed the navigation and commerce, and it is characteristic that was one of the few islands where before the revolution was almost independent society. In 1821 the island showed great personalities who contributed to the fight, having their fleet and symmetaschontas a decisive naval battles. After the Revolution Spetses began to decline, which was intensified by the industrial revolution that gave the decisive blow to shipping. After the Second World War, Spetses emerged as a very popular destination, thanks to its natural beauty and historic interest which.

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