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Sights in Skiathos

Skiathos - Bourtzi of Skiathos Bourtzi of Skiathos
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Skiathos - Beaches of Skiathos Beaches of Skiathos
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Skiathos - Evangelistria Monastery, Skiathos Evangelistria Monastery, Skiathos
The Monastery of the Annunciation
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Skiathos - Kastro Kastro
The Castle of Skiathos
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Skiathos - House - Museum of Papadiamandis House - Museum of Papadiamandis
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Skiathos - Sea tours from Skiathos Sea tours from Skiathos
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Skiathos - Food in Skiathos Food in Skiathos
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Population: 6.160
Description: Skiathos used to be a quite island and is birthplace of writer Papadiamantis who on his books describe it as a calm and quite island. Today Skiathos is a cosmopolitan place and the westernmost island of the island group of Sporades, less than 4 km (2.5 miles) from the coast of mountain Pelion and 7km (4.34 miles) from the northern tip of island Skopelos. The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, probably from Cretan colonists and later the town of Skiathos was an constant ally of Athens, in the First and Second Athenian alliance. In the Byzantine period, the only thing we know is that the island suffered from frequent pirate raids, which continued during the Venetian and Turkish rule. The island was actively involved with its navy during the revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman occupation and became part of the first Greek state. The only residential area is the town of Skiathos, which is built on the southeastern tip of the island, in a sheltered bay that is split in two by the little island of Bourtzi. It is a small town built like an amphitheater on the coast, composed of small traditional two-storey homes. However, the greatest interest is accruing to the beaches, with the emerald waters and pine trees right by the sea, and it is no coincidence that most of the coasts have been distinguished with the blue flag. Access to the island is by ferryboat from Volos, Agios Konstantinos Fthiotidas and Thessaloniki, or by plane since Skiathos has and international airport.

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