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Serres - View of the modern city of Serres from the Acropolis


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Sights in Serres

Serres - Lailia Ski resort Lailia Ski resort
"On the north side of the peak Ali Baba at mountain Vrontou, at an altitude of 1600-1850 meters (5250-6070 feet) lies ..." read more »
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Serres - Lake Kerkini Lake Kerkini
"Just 40 km (37.28 miles) from the city of Serres and 100km (62.13 miles) from Thessaloniki is Lake Kerkini, one of th..." read more »
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Serres - Nightlife in Serres Nightlife in Serres
"The town of Serres is famous for its intense activity and the only way of fun. It is a vibrant city, and this is due ..." read more »
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Serres - Cave of Alistrati Cave of Alistrati
"The cave of Alistrati became known in 1975 at Speleological Society, after document Alistratis community. The cave is..." read more »
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Serres - Ancient Amphipolis Ancient Amphipolis
"Located 100 kilometers (62.13 miles) northeast of Thessaloniki, just after the bridge over the Strymon where the embl..." read more »
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Serres - Aggitis Gorge Aggitis Gorge
"Between Paggaio and Menoikio is the gorge of the river Aggitis, length 15 km (9.32 miles). In the "Straits Petra" or ..." read more »
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Serres - Fort Roupel Fort Roupel
"The Rupel fortress is located between the mountains Agkistro and Beles, very close to the Greek-Bulgarian border. It ..." read more »
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Serres - Sidirokastro Thermal Baths Sidirokastro Thermal Baths
"In the northern prefecture of Serres, 7 km (4.35 miles) outside the city of Sidirokastro are the mineral springs of t..." read more »
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Serres - Ecclesiastical Museum of Serres Ecclesiastical Museum of Serres
"The Relic Archives of the Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita was created by the Bishop of Serres and Nigrita Theologos ..." read more »
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Serres - Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum Sarakatsanoi Folklore Museum
"The Sarakatsani Folklore Museum located in the city center of Serres, and founded in 1979. It has received many award..." read more »
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Population: 61.025
Description: Serres is the capital of the prefecture with a population of 76,240 inhabitants. They are only 80 km (50 miles) from Thessaloniki and 580 km (360 miles) from Athens. It is a modern city with good roads and urban transport organization facilitates access to all parts of the surrounding area. The shopping center attracts a large number of local products and there are many shops, restaurants, banks, hotels, cinemas and sports centers. Since the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Serres organized events that include concerts, plays, sporting events and art exhibitions. The surrounding area of ​​the county is a place gifted by nature. Green valleys, all white mountains, hot springs, lakes and caves are just a few of the gifts of nature in this beautiful place. The whole county is surrounded by picturesque villages and wonderful landscapes which are a magnet for visitors throughout the year. Visit the forest and ski Lailia and eject your adrenaline pumping. Take a short trip to the cave Alistratis, one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Greece. Enjoy a romantic weekend at the lake kerkini, one of the most important wetlands in Greece. Indulge in the beneficial properties of its thermal Sidirokastro and visit the Byzantine castle area. Finally, do not forget to visit the fort Rupel the Greek-Bulgarian border, the only fortress world not captured or surrendered. Visit Serres any period of time and have a unique experience that will be unforgettable.

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