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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Nike of Samothrace Nike of Samothrace
Nike was a goddess of Greek mythology. Her father was Pallantas, her mother was Styga and her brothers and sisters were Zelos, Kratos and Via, which mean zeal, power and violence respectively. According to the myth, Nike and her brothers and sisters were Zeus' esquires from the first moment he became the leader of all gods of Olympus.

Nike was the representative of Zeus in cases of a victory, she used to offer libations or she was present when a winner was crowned with a wreath of olive branches. For this reason sculptors always made statues of a tall woman with huge wings on her shoulders and back.

Nike of Samothrace was found in the temple of Kaveiria by Greek workers who were excavating on this spot on behalf of the French consul. When the statue was discovered, French embassy arranged the transfer of the statue in Paris. It is made of marble and it is 3,28 metres high. You can see it in Louvre museum in Paris, placed in a prominent position and along with Aphrodite of Melos and Mona Liza of Leonardo da Vinci are considered to be the most important exhibits of the museum.

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