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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Natural beauty of Samothrace Natural beauty of Samothrace
When in Samothrace you will notice that you are surrounded by nature. The north part of the island is full of olive trees, oak trees, chestnut trees, plane trees and maples, but also trees that are not only rare in Greece but in Europe as well, such as yew and celtis. On the south part you will find olive trees and a small plain of 5.000 acres which is used by local farmers. Shrubs of the island are myrtles, wild roses, wild arbors, heathers and local shrubs called tsikoudies.

Samothrace is full of springs, creeks and small rivers, all coming from the mountain Saos and end up in the sea. On the island there are 16 different types of habitats for animals and birds and during the sping and the autumn many migratory birds use it as an intermediate stop on their journey. The seal Monachus Monachus finds refuge here, because Samotharce has many underwater caves and many fish.

Every August the mountaineering club of the island organises a climbing on the top of the mountain Saos, usually around the days of the full moon.

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