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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Sacraments of Kaveiria Sacraments of Kaveiria
The sacraments of Samothrace were a very important religious event in all ancient Greece. Many people consider them to be equal to sacraments of Elefsina, probably the most important of all the country.

Historians say that they were so important that many kings of all kingdoms of ancient Greece visited the isolated and wild Samothrace to take part and become members of the closed community of the sacraments. There is a legend that during those sacraments Philippos the Second and Olympiada, the parents of Alexander the Great, first met. In the sacraments of Samothrace both free men and slaves could participate, in contrast with Elefsina where only free men could take part.

Fire was the main theme of the sacraments and played and important role as it was symbolising the birth and rebirth of man. The most important characteristic, though, was the absolute secrecy. All participants were taking a vow of silence and talking about sacraments of Kaveiria and what was going one during them was punished by death.

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