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Patras - Panoramic from the sea


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Sights in Patras

Patras - Rio-Antirrio Bridge Rio-Antirrio Bridge
"It’s a cable-stayed bridge that connects Peloponnese with the mainland. It starts from Rio and goes to Antirrio, the ..." read more »
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Patras - Medieval Castle of Patra Medieval Castle of Patra
"The medieval castle of Patras is located on a hill on the Panachaikon mountain and is only 800 metres away from the s..." read more »
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Patras - Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss
"Eight kilometres southeast of the city centre you can find the winery-castle of Achaia Clauss, a company with an extr..." read more »
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Patras - Roman Conservatory of Patra Roman Conservatory of Patra
"It is located on the west part of the city. It was built in 170 BC, a decade earlier than the Herodion of Athens. Acc..." read more »
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Patras - Vasileos Georgiou Square Vasileos Georgiou Square
"It is the central square of the city. The initial name was Otto square, but most of the people call it Kalamogdarti, ..." read more »
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Patras - Carnival Festival Carnival Festival
"It is undoubtedly the largest carnival celebration that takes place in Greece. The celebrations start on the 17th of ..." read more »
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Patras - St Andreas Church St Andreas Church
"It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Saint Andrew Church is a very important religious landmark for every Ortho..." read more »
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Patras - New Archaeological Museum of Patra New Archaeological Museum of Patra
"The new archaeological museum of Patra is the second largest of Greece and it was a vision of former Minister of Cult..." read more »
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Patras - Museum of Science and Technology - University of Patras Museum of Science and Technology - University of Patras
"It was founded in 2001 as part and side project of the Faculty of Science of the University of Patra. The museum of S..." read more »
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Population: 214.580
Airport(s): Araxos (GPA)
Description: Patras is the capital of Achaia and is the largest financial, commercial and cultural center of the Peloponnese. With the population of the greater metropolitan area to exceed 200,000 inhabitants it is the fourth largest city of Greece. It is called gate of Greece to the west mainly because of the port which is a major hub of trade between Greece and Italy. Archaeological excavations have demonstrated that Patras inhabited since the Paleolithic period. The first inhabitants were the Ionians and the first name was Aigialeis. After the descent of the Dorians was named Achaia. For many centuries played a major role in the region and it peaked with the creation of the Achaean League in 280 BC. Important role also held during the Roman period, whilst, according to Christian tradition here has been the site of the martyrdom of St. Andrews who is the patron and protector of the city. Historically the city's contribution to modern Greece was great with characteristic event the erection of the revolution flag in 1821 that took place in the nearby monastery of Great Lavra. The city displays brilliant performances in the arts, culture and is seen both as scientific and technological center as it has two universities and a technical institute. The recent connection of the Peloponnese with the Rio-Antirio bridge with Central Greece spurred development aura in Patras and gathered quite significant tourist traffic throughout the year, however, the pride of the city is the famous carnival, which attracts thousands of visitors. Patras is easily approachable by motorway and ferry transport and a modern airport.

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