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Mount Olympus - Olympus South Peaks

Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus - Shelters of Olympus Shelters of Olympus
For everybody who want to explore Mount Olympus more can take advantage of the 9 shelters found on the mountain, where you can book space and stay overnight. The most known is Shelter A "Spilios Agapitos" (tel. 23520-81800 or 81329). It is built at place "Balcony", at an altitude of 2100 metres, has a restaurant and can accommodate 110 people. Shelter B "Vrisopoules" or "KEOAX" is at gorge "Mavratza", on the south part of the mountain and at an altitude of 1800 metres. This shelter belongs to the army, so you have to talk to the army unit before you go. Shelter C "Christos Kakalos" (tel. 6937361689) is on the edge of the Plateau of Muses at an altitude of 2650 metres offering a great view to the peaks of Olympus and the sea underneath. Shelter D, "Stavros" or "Dimitrios Bountolas" is the only shelter that someone can reach by car since it is on the road Litochoro-Prionia, at an altitude of 944 metres. The restaurant offers many dishes in great prices and is ideal even for people who don’t walk but want to see the view to the plain of Pieria and the sea of Plaka Litochorou. Shelter SEO "Giosos Apostolidis" (tel. 2310-224710) is at an altitude of 2700 metres, next to the peak "Profitis Ilias". There are more shelters, such as "Petrostrouga" (tel. 6977 246350), "Krevatia" (tel. 23520 83000), "Koromilies" Leptokarias (tel. 23520 31242) and "Koromilia" Dion (tel. 6945 661104).
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