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Mount Olympus - Olympus South Peaks

Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus - Olympus National Park Olympus National Park
It is the most important National Park of Greece and covers and area of 3933 acres. It was declared a National Park in 1938 and is a refuge for many different species of plants and animals. At the lower levels of the mountain you will see shrubs, a little higher tall pine trees that create dense forests and even higher you can see alpine environment where there is mostly red lilies. There is also an endemic species, Jankea helreichii, that has survived from the Ice Age. Apart from coming close to nature, the National Park is ideal for hiking, mountain bikes and you can stay overnight in one of the shelters of the Park.
How to get there: From Litochoro you can go by car to the shelter "Prionia" and from there walk around a small part of the park or stay and explore large part of the area.
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