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Mount Olympus - Olympus South Peaks

Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus - Walking paths and routes of the mountain Walking paths and routes of the mountain
Mount Olympus has several routes that you can follow and admire the nature. The most walked route and ideal for people who are not very experienced is the one that starts from "Miloi", very close to Litochoro and ends at "Prionia", on an altitude of 1100 metres. It is part of the E4 international walking path and has any signs so there is impossible to get lost. On your way to Prionia you will cross Enipeas canyon, with waterfalls and many plants and trees around, the cave where St Dionysios lived as a hermit and the monastery dedicated to him. Prionia is the highest point where cars have access. From that point and higher you can only continue on foot. Walking on the path can take from 4,5 to 5 hours. From Prionia starts another route that takes you to Shelter A and lasts almost 3 hours. This part is more difficult but is still considered of medium difficulty. If you want to, you can keep going until the peak of the mountain, and house of the 12 gods, Mitikas. There are many other paths on the mountain, some of them very difficult that need you to be very experienced. For further details you can visit the official website of the National Park.
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