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Methana - Methana as seen from the sea


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Sights in Methana

Methana - Hiking in Methana Hiking in Methana
"Methana is a favorite destination for lovers of hiking although there are complains since some roadworks of local aut..." read more »
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Methana - Cave of Pigeons Cave of Pigeons
"This beautiful cave is not organized which means that if you decide to visit it, you do it at your OWN responsibility..." read more »
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Methana - Spas of Methana Spas of Methana
Methana Volcanic Spa
"Where there is a volcano and undercurrents there are spas, Methana could not be the exception. The hot springs of Met..." read more »
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Methana - Castle of Favieros Castle of Favieros
"The Castle of Favieros enjoys a strategic location on the hill of the strip of Methana (the narrow land that connects..." read more »
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Population: 1.657
Description: Methana located at the eastern tip of the Peloponnese and although it looks like Island is actually a peninsula connected with road to the Peloponnese. Administrative belongs in Attica together with the other islands of the Saronic Gulf. Methana, together with the volcanoes of Milos, Santorini and Nisyros are consisting the Volcanic Arc of Southern Aegean. Methana is an active volcano and the last activity was underwater in 1700. It is an ideal destination for those seeking contact with nature or spa. Methana is road accessible via the provincial road Epidaurus - Methana and with ferry from Piraeus, Poros and Aegina.

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