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Kavala - Castle


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Kavala - Tobacco Museum of Kavala Tobacco Museum of Kavala
The processing and trading of tobacco was the most important chapter in the modern history of Kavala, of huge economic significance, until the 1950’s, when the tobacco trading of Kavala fell into recession because of the mass production from other countries. The Tobacco Museum is unique, as it is the only one in Europe. The building of the museum is the building that belonged to the Greek Organisation of Tobacco and the main goal of the museum is to show this part of Greek historic heritage. The exhibits of the museum are divided into seven parts that show the cultivation of the plants, the process, the trading, the industry of tobacco but also the workers in the fields and their unions. One of the most interesting things in the museum is the processing of tobacco with the classic machines, offering to the guest the chance to see the original procedure from up close. There is also a library with books and articles that refer to the policies of the industry in that period of time as well as the influence of the factory in the economy of Kavala. It is open every day except Sunday.
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