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Kastoria - Panoramic


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Kastoria - Lake of Kastoria Lake of Kastoria
Lake Orestiada
The lake of Kastoria, or officially lake Orestiada, is one of the most beautiful lakes of Greece and is the most significant aspect of the character of the city. It has been declared as a Monument of Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture and is a part of the European environmental protection network "Natura 2000". The area covered is more than 28 square kilometres, it is 630 metres above sea level and the maximum depth is 10 metres. It is supplied with water from streams and several sub-lake sources and is considered the second most productive lake in fish in the country. Apart from the beauty the lake adds to the city of Kastoria, is also a very important wetland since a significant number of aquatic mammals, as well as more than 150 species of birds live here. Some of the birds use the lake as an intermediate stop during the migration period, while others stay all year. When you visit Kastoria you should spend at least an afternoon walking next to the lake, or take the boat of the Municipality and go around the lake. If you like water sports, there are spots on the lake where you can row, surf, sail or ski.
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