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Karpenisi - Panoramic


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Karpenisi - Mikro Chorio Mikro Chorio
Mikro Chorio (small village) is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the prefecture. It is comprised by New Mikro Chorio and Old Mikro Chorio, in a location of great natural beauty, exactly where Velouchi, Kaliakouda and Chelidona mountains meet. The old Mikro Chorio is at an altitude of 900 metres, 13 kilometres away from Karpenisi and 3 kilometres away from the new Mikro Chorio. It’s a very important place for Greek and European history, since here was the first battle against fascists in Europe on 18 December 1942. The enemy forces as retaliation they burnt alive 13 locals. Another important date in the history of the village was 13 January 1963 when ⅔ of the village were destroyed by a landslide, after days of heavy raining and 13 people lost their lives. On April 1963 a fundraiser started in order for the village to be rebuild. The new Mikro Chorio was ready in 1968, 2 kilometres away from old Mikro Chorio. In the village you can find a Historic and Folklore museum in the building where the preliminary school of the old Mikro Chorio used to be. The museum has a room showing videos about the history of the village and a very rich library with books of locals and about the history of the place.
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