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Sights in Ios

Ios - Ios Chora Ios Chora
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Ios - Beaches of Ios Beaches of Ios
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Ios - Archaeological Museum of Ios Archaeological Museum of Ios
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Ios - Homer's Tomb Homer's Tomb
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Ios - Church of Panagia Gremiotisa Church of Panagia Gremiotisa
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Ios - Pre-historic Settlement of Skarkos Pre-historic Settlement of Skarkos
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Ios - Ios Windmills Ios Windmills
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Ios - Ios Nightlife Ios Nightlife
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Population: 2.024
Description: Ios is a small Cycladic island, between Naxos, Sikino, Santorini and Amorgos. Like all the islands of the Cyclades, Ios and inhabited in prehistoric times by the Carians, to follow the Minoan civilization, the Achaoi, Phoenicians, Ionians and the Macedonians. During the Roman and Byzantine times the island has been plagued by pirate raids and in 1296 passed into Venetian hands until 1537, when captured by the Turks during the Turkish occupation Ios was a French pirate lair. In the Greek Revolution of 1821, the island had an active participation and from here came the Friendly Spyros Valletta. In modern times, Ios in the minds of all of us is a synonym of endless partying and characterized as "the island of what is and what young people feel", and is a key destination of young people from around the world. The picture is similar to exceed last years, where is a continuous effort to upgrade tourism infrastructure and promotion of natural beauties and attractions of the island, hoping to become a destination that appeals to all tastes and ages. Ios can be reached by ferry from Piraeus and other Cycladic islands.

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