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Ioannina - Lake Ioannina - Pamvotida


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Sights in Ioannina

Ioannina - Lake of Ioannina Lake of Ioannina
Pamvotis Lake
"Pamvotis is the official name of the lake from the ancient times, although it is most commonly referred to as the lak..." read more »
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Ioannina - Pavlos Vrellis Wax Museum Pavlos Vrellis Wax Museum
"A very interesting choice if you find yourself in Ioannina is to visit the Wax Museum of Pavlos Vrellis. It is a muse..." read more »
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Ioannina - Rafting and extreme sports Rafting and extreme sports
"For all those who love adrenaline and want to see the nature of the region of Ioannina, we definitely suggest to go r..." read more »
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Ioannina - Archaeological Museum of Ioannina Archaeological Museum of Ioannina
"The museum started being built in 1963 under the supervision of the distinguished Greek architect Aris Konstantinidis..." read more »
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Ioannina - Zosimaia Library Zosimaia Library
"Right in the city centre, at the intersection of Markou Botsari and Eleftheriou Venizelou, you will find a real jewel..." read more »
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Ioannina - Riding horses at Ioannina Riding horses at Ioannina
"The city of Ioannina has always been known for the horses people used for transportation and agricultural purposes. A..." read more »
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Ioannina - Folklore Museum of Ioannina Folklore Museum of Ioannina
"The Municipal Folklore museum of Ioannina opened in 1933 at Aslan Tzami (Aslan mosque), at the castle of the city, on..." read more »
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Ioannina - Carnival Festival at Ioannina Carnival Festival at Ioannina
"In most people’s minds the period of the Carnival is one of the most fun of the year. This has to do mainly with the ..." read more »
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Ioannina - Perama Cave Perama Cave
"The cave of Perama, Ioannina is located only 4 kilometres from the city centre on a hill named Goritsa. It is a uniqu..." read more »
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Population: 111.745
Airport(s): Ioannina National King Pyrros (IOA)
Description: The city of Ioannina is the largest city in geographical region of Epirus and the capital of the prefecture. With a population of over 70,000 residents is considered one of the most important commercial, financial and cultural center of the region. Ioannina founded in the 6th century AD by Emperor Justinian on the banks of the lake and the name results from the Monastery of St. John the Baptist located in the castle since 510 AD. During the following centuries it received numerous raids and was occupied by Russians, Slavs and Normans. In the 13th century after the release of Alexius Comnenus, it hosted the headquarters of Epirus until their conquest by the Turks in 1430, when faced significant economic and cultural boom. Initially the Turks with Sinan Pasha gave enough rights to the inhabitants of the city, but after noticing unrest and uprisings hardened their stance without affecting its substantial economic development. Greek merchants were developing relationships with important commercial centers of Europe (Venice, Livorno etc) thus rising in economic wealth and contributing financially to the greek society with some of them to be known as national benefactors. Their contribution to literature and the arts is undeniable as revealed great spiritual figures with nationwide and global reach. Today the city boasts a very successful university, both internationally accredited hospitals, a sea-sports center and the ever growing tourism accompanied by a significant improvement of infrastructure. You can reach the city of Ioannina, either via city airport or by using the new Egnatia highway with distance from Athens to be 438 km ( 272 miles) and to Thessaloniki 370 km ( 230 miles).

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