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Ioannina - Lake Ioannina - Pamvotida


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Ioannina - Rafting and extreme sports Rafting and extreme sports
For all those who love adrenaline and want to see the nature of the region of Ioannina, we definitely suggest to go rafting. In the city and the surrounding area there are many sport clubs that organise rafting and can take care of your transportation as well as your necessary equipment. You can choose between many rivers with different difficulty, some of them needing some more experience than others. One suggested river is Voidomatis, that traverses the Gorge Vikos and is considered to be the cleanest river of Europe. The starting point is the bridge of Aristi and after 5 kilometres (1,5 hours) of mostly calm waters you will approach Kleidonia, you will go down a small waterfall and you will end your small "adventure". The second choice, and more difficult, is a route of 27 kilometres that needs you to be in a very good physical condition. You start from Vovousa and after a 7 hours descend you reach Vrisochori. Finally if you have the knowledge and the strengths necessary, and seek something more you can continue from Vrysochori and covering 25 kilometres more, through Palioseli, you can reach Konitsa as your final destination. Before you decide you should ask locals who know the river about the difficulty taking into consideration your experience. Regardless of what you choose in the end, the river and the nature around you will leave you breathless.
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