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Ioannina - Lake Ioannina - Pamvotida


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Ioannina - Riding horses at Ioannina Riding horses at Ioannina
The city of Ioannina has always been known for the horses people used for transportation and agricultural purposes. Although horses are not used in agriculture anymore, there are many farms with horses near the city and also to villages on the mountains of Ioannina. You can participate in excursions or talk to farm owners and arrange riding one of the horses for some hours. The organised excursions are routes of 20, 30 or 45 minutes on the mountains, between the mountaintops of Astrakas and Papingo. In addition to all these, in Ioannina there are farms that have programmes of therapeutic riding, a procedure which is proved that helps people with disabilities or issues with their mental or emotional health.
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