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Drama - Philipoi Philipoi
The archaeological site of Filippoi is only 19 kilometres outside the city of Drama. It is the ancient city Krinides which name was changed by the father of Alexander the Great, Phillip the Second. It is considered to be the most important archaeological site of east Macedonia and is amongst the most important of Greece. It played an important role during the Hellenistic, the Roman and the Early Christian period. It is the first city in the continent of Europe that Christianity was preached by Apostle Paul in 50 AD. Philippoi was always an important city since the Roman times because of Egnatia odos, a road that was linking Rome to Istanbul and was passing through Philippoi, which made it a big trading of the whole region. In addition to the trading maret created by Egnatia odos, the city was always rich because of the fertile land around it and the gold mines. In the city you can visit Early Christian churches with interesting frescoes, walk around the the ancient market, the palaestra, the Acropolis, built by Philippos the Second and finished by Byzantine emperor Ioustinianos.
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