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Delphi - Temple of Apollo


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Delphi - Ancient Theatre of Delphi Ancient Theatre of Delphi
The ancient theater is located at the northwest corner of the temple of Apollo after its enclosure. The abundance of written reports we have for the theater gives us a great detail of the forms received during the centuries but also the kind of performances that housed.

Initially historians believed that had wooden seats but it is likely that visitors could sit also at the soil. The theater got its present form during the 4th century BC when is was converted to stone and was followed by renovations constantly adding new elements. Today the visitor can observe that a central reservation separating the two zones with the superior zone to have eight rows of seats and the lower 27. The radial scales divide the theater into 6 tiers with total capacity estimated at 5,000 spectators.

In antiquity its importance was similar to ancient Olympia stadium as represented spiritual and artistic ideals and hosted numerous entertainments taking place under the Pythian. More specifically at the ancient theater of Delphi were held vocal and instrumental music competitions, but also a series of theatrical performances and religious rituals that gathered big crowds.

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