Best 10 Nature Sites in Greece

Nea Kameni Volcanic Park

Formed by an active volcano, it is located in the middle of the Cardera and is the newest piece of land in the Mediterranean Sea.

Location: Nea Kameni, Greece

Lake of Kastoria

Identical element that composes the distinctive character of this Macedonian city.

Location: Kastoria 521 00, Greece

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Lake of Ioannina

An absolute trademark that composes the distinctive landscape of this beautiful city of Epirus.

Location: Lake Pamvotida. Ioannina, Greece

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Palea Kameni Island

Smaller and older volcanic island than Nea Kameni, located in Caldera canter. Visible from Santorini and included in the daily boat cruises.

Location: Palia Kameni, Greece

Mount Saos, Samothraki

Big mountain that covers most of the island and is characterized by its springs that keep their water even during the summer period.

Location: Samothraki 680 02, Greece

Natural Pools of Samothraki

Natural ponds with crystal clear waters, shaped while the Saos Mountain springs flow to the sea.

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Prionia Place, Mount Olympus

The official end of the road and the place where the path to the mountain begins. The highlight is a taverna with delicious traditional food.

Location: Dion-Olimpos 602 00, Greece

History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

Located in Sigri, 90 kilometers from Mytilene, includes rare plant and animal fossils of Western Lesvos.

Location: Epar.Od. Antissa-Sigri 5, Antissa 811 05, Greece

Islet of Parga «Virgin Mary»

It stands for its dense vegetation, the small chapels, and the fortress on its highest point.

Location: Panagia, Parga, Greece

Dragon's Cave in Kastoria

Probably the most impressive attraction, located just 2 km from the city and 20 meters from the lake.

Location: Sougaridi, Kastoria 521 00, Greece