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Athens - Panoramic southern suburbs


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Sights in Athens

Athens - Acropolis Museum Acropolis Museum
"Acropolis Museum is the most popular and the most modern museum of Greece. It opened in 2009 and it is visited by 10...." read more »
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"its amazing the new museum of Acropolis! i felt proud to be Greek."
Athens - Acropolis of Athens Acropolis of Athens
"When we refer to Acropolis of Athens we mean the rock on which there are built the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Ni..." read more »
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Athens - Roman Market Roman Market
Romaiki Agora
"The Roman Market is in Plaka, uphill from the ancient Market, and it was an open space with shops that was surrounded..." read more »
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Athens - Historic Centre Historic Centre
Thiseio, Monastiraki, Plaka
"The historic centre of Athens consists of Thiseion, Monastiraki and Plaka. Thiseion is located Northwest of Acropolis..." read more »
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Athens - National Archaeological Museum National Archaeological Museum
"The National Archaeοlogical Museum is the largest museum of Greece and one of the most important museums of the world..." read more »
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Athens - Lycabettus Hill Lycabettus Hill
Lofos Likavittou
"Lycabettus is a hill in Athens in the foothills and slopes of which you can see the neighbourhood with the same name...." read more »
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Athens - Kallimarmaro Kallimarmaro
Panathinaikon Stadium
"This is the common name of Panathinaikon Stadium, located east of Zappeion and north of the hill of Ardittou. It has ..." read more »
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Athens - Constitution Square Constitution Square
Plateia Sintagmatos
"Plateia Sintagmatos, (Constitution Square), is located in the city centre in front of the Greek Parliament. Plateia S..." read more »
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Athens - Nightlife in Athens Nightlife in Athens
Gazi-Exarheia-Iera Odos
"Everybody who visits Athens goes to museums and historical sights but no visit to Athens is complete if you don’t tak..." read more »
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Athens - Allou Fun Park Allou Fun Park
"Allou Fun Park is one of the most interesting and fun places in Athens and many people visit it every day. It covers ..." read more »
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Athens - Pireaus Pireaus
Mikrolimano - Kastela
"Pireaus is one of the largest cities of Greece, one of the most important industrial areas of the country and its big..." read more »
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Athens - Shopping in Athens Shopping in Athens
"It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we would say that Athens is the best place for shopping therapy! There is a great v..." read more »
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Athens - Rockwave Festival Rockwave Festival
Terra Vibe - Malakasa
"Rockwave Festival is the biggest music festival in Greece and one of the largest in the area of southern Europe. It i..." read more »
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Athens - War Museum War Museum
Polemiko Mouseio
"Greece was always a place of war, probably because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean sea and the Balkan ..." read more »
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Athens - Archaeological Museum of Vravrona Archaeological Museum of Vravrona
"It is located in the area of Markopoulo and its exhibits come from the temple of Vravrona and the area of Mesogeion a..." read more »
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Athens - Greek Children's Art Museum Greek Children's Art Museum
"Museum of Greek Children’s Art was founded in 1994 and it is a charitable, non-profit, cultural organization. The aim..." read more »
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Athens - Athens Classic Marathon Athens Classic Marathon
Classic Marathon
"The Athens Classic Marathon is an annual race with total distance of 42,195 km which takes place usually in the begin..." read more »
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Population: 3.074.160
Description: Athens is the Capital city of Greece and the largest city. Located in the center of the mainland is the most important economic cultural and administrative center. It's agglomeration spreads across the central plains of Attica and is surrounded by the mountains of Egaleo Parnitha , Penteli and Hymettus. This gives the city the nickname of “the basin”. The temperate climate of the region is among the most enjoyable of Greece giving credits to the Ancient Greeks for picking the spot. The exact year of foundation of the city lost between myth and reality , but it is generally accepted that Athens predates the Mycenaean era. The historical importance of the city beyond the Greek borders is undeniable globally and is the birthplace of some major achievements of the human intellect. It is no exaggeration to say that Athens is considered the cradle of modern western civilization and the city "hosted" some of the greatest philosophers of the world like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many others. Athens is also the birthplace of democracy which flourished and peaked in the 5th century BC. Then Athenian leader was Pericles whose name is associated with the marvellous development of the city with great buildings, including the Parthenon and naming the era as “the Golden Age”. Athens was always a crucial part of Greek history and after liberation of Greece from the Ottoman empire, new appointed ruler, Otto, took the initiative to move the capital from the vibrant city of Nafplion to Athens in 1843. Today, the city and its greater suburban area is residence for more than one third of the total population of Greece reaching 4.1 million citizens. The entire population of the metropolitan center with Piraeus will reach more than half the country's population. You can easily reach the capital through the developed road network from every corner of the country, or by rail connecting all major cities, ferry connections and unlimited international flights via the airport Eleftherios Venizelos to most parts of the world.

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