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Athens - Kallimarmaro Kallimarmaro
Panathinaikon Stadium
This is the common name of Panathinaikon Stadium, located east of Zappeion and north of the hill of Ardittou. It has been a place of athletics and sports since the ancient times. During medieval times though, the marbles where taken and the significance of the stadium degraded. The first efforts of rebuilding the stadium started when the capital of Greece was transferred from Nafplion to Athens. Some of the benefactors that contributed to the rebuilding were Evaggelos Zappas and Georgios Averof and the architect responsible was Anastasios Metaxas. The works were finished in 1900, only a few months before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of that year. Over the last century, Kallimarmaron was used for cultural events, such as the opera Aida of Verdi, national celebrations and, of course, athletic events such as archery during the Olympic Games of 2004.
How to get there: The Stadium is in the centre of the city, really close to Zappeion and behind the Parliament if you walk the National Garden and exit from the other side. Right in front of the Stadium there is a tram stop called METS, lines 2,4,10,11.
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