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Amorgos - View of Chora


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Amorgos - Kato Meria Kato Meria
In a landscape untouched by human intervention, Kato Meria considered the most idyllic location of Amorgos. Located in the southwestern part of the island consists of Vroutsi villages Kalofana, Kamari Arkesini and Rachoula neighborhood where only few residents remain today.

Local attractions stands the church of Agia Paraskevi, in honor of which is set up a big festival every year on July 26. On the road to Kato Meria, in a ravine, is the chapel of St. George Valsamitis, next to a fountain spouting water. Near Arkesini settlement is the Tower of the Trinity, which is considered the most important archaeological monument of the area and a little beyond, the ruins of ancient Arkesini dominates the top of the Acropolis hill, called "Kastri", where a unique view offered on the island.

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