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Sights in Alonnisos

Alonnisos - Old Village or Chora of Alonissos Old Village or Chora of Alonissos
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Alonnisos - Patitiri Patitiri
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Alonnisos - Kyra Panagia of Alonissos Kyra Panagia of Alonissos
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Alonnisos - Alonnisos Marine Park Alonnisos Marine Park
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Alonnisos - Beaches of Alonissos Beaches of Alonissos
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Alonnisos - Local Flavors of Alonissos Local Flavors of Alonissos
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Alonnisos - Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Alonnisos Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Alonnisos
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Alonnisos - Cyclops Cave in Yioura Cyclops Cave in Yioura
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Population: 2.750
Description: Largely untouched by mass tourism, Alonissos is a destination that appeals to anyone who looks for a calm and relaxed holiday. The former name of the island was Liadromia or Iliodromia and during the reign of King Otto in 1838 was decided to reinstate its ancient era name. Unfortunately they mistaken the names as the islands name in ancient times was Ikos while Alonisos was the name of a small island near by that is named today Kyra Panagia. The history of Alonissos is lost in the mists of time, with many legends and traditions to include the island. Most famous legend is of Peleus, father of mighty Achilles came here to stay until the end of his life. It is a fact that due to its geographical location Alonissos was a very important exporting center in ancient times, with main product to be wine, which has been proved by various fragments of handles which bore the stamp IKION and have been found in many ancient Greek colonies. Alonissos shares a common path with the other islands of the Sporades complex, therefore it fell under Athenian, Macedonian and Roman rule successively, to pass to the Byzantine Empire and conquered by the Franks in 1204 and the Venetian family of Gkizi in 1207. It stayed in Venetian rule until 1538, where it was occupied by the Turkish fleet and pirate Barbarossa. During the Revolution of 1821, many revolution greek fighters found shelter to Alonissos from various parts of Greece, and in 1830 Alonissos along with the rest of the Sporades islands became part of the newly established Greek state. Isolated pristine beaches, wild landscapes with steep cliffs and towering pine forests, olive groves and pine cones compose the wonderful nature of the island, making it an exclusive destination for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts since it is considered as one of the major dive centers in Europe thanks to the rich underwater life and morphology of the seabed. Alonissos can be reached only by ferry boat from Volos, Agios Konstantinos Fthiotidas all around the year and from Thessaloniki during the summer season.

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