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Alexandroupoli - Port


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Beaches of Alexandroupoli
Alexandroupolis has 25 km (15.5 miles) of coastline and can meet the needs of every traveler. You will find crowded beaches with easy access and all amenities and great beaches in neighboring villages, and there are also smaller and picturesque beaches with rich vegetation that extends up to the coast. When referring to the beaches of Alexandroupolis we can not forget the incredible view who all offer to the island of Samothrace which seems like a rock that emerged from the sea and ideally complements views to the Aegean Sea.

Beach Dimotiki Plaz Alexandroupolis

Bustling beach located less than a kilometer from the city center. It provides all the comforts such as rooms, restaurants, bars and the Camping of Alexandroupolis, an adjacent traffic education park and an open-air cinema.
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Beach Kiani Akti

Crystal clear waters and lots of amenities, less than a mile from the village of Makri. Easy access from Alexandroupolis with the local bus. In Kiani Akti you will find the famous Ammo Ammo restaurant for great food and coffee / drinks.

Beach Agia Paraskevi

Popular beach ideal for water sports, drinks & coffee all day and night. Agia Paraskevi is a hamlet of the village Makri.
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Beach Dikella

Great beach stretching from the Archaeological Site of Mesimvria up to the beach of Agia Paraskevi, Makri. Includes camping and settlements with cottages, Dikkelon and Meshmbria. Vast sandy beach with clear waters and groves bordering the coast.
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