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Sights in Xanthi

Xanthi - Old City of Xanthi Old City of Xanthi
"During the period of Ottoman rule in Greece, the way of building houses in a city usually was arranged in neighbourho..." read more »
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Xanthi - Nestos river Nestos river
"Twelve kilometres outside the city centre you will find river Nestos and its surrounding area. The lush green banks o..." read more »
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Xanthi - Carnival Festival Carnival Festival
"Over the last decades the Carnival of Xanthi is one of the most important festivals of Carnival all over Greece. from..." read more »
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Xanthi - Municipal Art Gallery of Xanthi Municipal Art Gallery of Xanthi
"The Municipal Art Gallery of Xanthi is housed in a traditional house that was built during the previous century. It i..." read more »
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Xanthi - Folklore Museum of Xanthi Folklore Museum of Xanthi
"The Folklore museum of Xanthi is in the city centre and it is housed in two traditional buildings from 1870. They bot..." read more »
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Xanthi - Festival of Old City Festival of Old City
"For the past twenty years the Festival of Old City has become an institution in the city. The shows and exhibitions c..." read more »
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Xanthi - Archaeological site of Avdira Archaeological site of Avdira
"Avdira, the home town of the great Greek philosopher Democritus, is located 25 kilometres away from the city of Xanth..." read more »
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Xanthi - Monasteries of Xanthi Monasteries of Xanthi
"The region of Xanthi was always known for the religious tradition and the ecclesiastical art and architecture. The mo..." read more »
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Population: 63.083
Description: Xanthi is a city in northern Greece, located in the region of Thrace. It is the capital of the prefecture and administratively belongs to the prefecture of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. According to the data of the last census, the population reaches 50,000 residents with a continuing upward trend. The first references to Xanthi or Xantheia place founding of the city at 879AD and during the medieval times, city name turned into ESKITZI which in Turkish means old town. The boom period of the city are the 18th and 19th century when world famous for the tobacco factories. The large volume of exports helps capital inflow which is reflected at the local community. The examples of folk art and architecture the city presents from that period attest that Xanthi had nothing to be jealous of the great European capitals and for this reason also called the "Little Paris". Today Xanthi can be called a modern city that respects its history and traditions, but also presents a particular growth momentum. Two of the main events taking place at an annual level and attract many visitors are the Carnival of Xanthi and the Xanthi Bazaar. Also, the city hosts a large number of students of the Engineering School of the Democritus University of Thrace. City can be reached via the modern road junction of Egnatia Road covering a distance of 736 and 221 km from Athens and Thessaloniki respectively.

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