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Thasos - Lagoon Gkiola


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Thasos - Polygnotos Vagis Municipal Museum Polygnotos Vagis Municipal Museum
The Polygnotus Vagis was a sculptor born in Potamia of Thassos in 1882. He emigrated to the US in 1911, but never forgot his birthplace. Thus, many of his works, particularly the early period, are permanently exhibited in the museum in Potamia. Housed in a two-storey stone building in the village center, where previously housed the elementary school. The projects are divided into two distinctive periods, the early years, which was inspired more from ancient Greece, mythology and history and in the second period, when the works are characterized by abstraction. The materials used by the artist was mainly copper, cement, marble, granite, stone and wood. The museum is open daily except Mondays and admission is free.
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