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Thasos - Lagoon Gkiola


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Thasos - Potamia, Thasos Potamia, Thasos
Potamia is one of the most beautiful villages of Thassos and is located on the slopes of Mount Ypsario, the tallest mountain of Thassos. It retains its traditional and picturesque character as a very large part of the houses are made of stone. The vegetation of the surrounding mountains from the village makes the idyllic environment and many times during the winter snows and becomes even more beautiful. In the village you will find beautiful accommodation houses, restaurants and the Museum of Greek-American sculptor Polygnotos Vagis, who was born in Potamia and chose to leave many of his works to be exhibited in his hometown. The beach of the village is lower and is called Skala Potamias.
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