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Thasos - Lagoon Gkiola


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Thasos - Folklore Gallery of Limenaria Folklore Gallery of Limenaria
The folklore collection Limenaria is located in the village center and is housed in the building that was formerly the community center. The collection was created at the initiative of the cultural association and its objective is the preservation and promotion of local tradition. During your visit you can see household items and clothing, such as women's clothing, embroidery, weaving, stoves, utensils coffee, pots and pans, as well as upon a loom. Elsewhere exposed traditional professions tools such kinds seams, hairdresser, carpenter bench and shoe-types, tools for the collection and transport of resin, timber, olive collection tools beekeeper paraphernalia and blisters and a traditional retort raki. Finally, you can see tools used in the mines of Thassos. Admission costs 1.5 million (December 2014) and the collection is open daily after consultation by phone at (+30) 2593051926 and (+30) 2593053190.
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