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Thasos - Lagoon Gkiola


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Beaches of Thassos
All around the coast of the island you will find beaches and almost all have crystal blue waters and very sandy beaches like all beaches in the north Aegean sea are endowed with rich vegetation of pines and olives in some areas and provide ample shade. Most beaches are regulated while prices for renting a sunbed with umbrella or go with consumption coffee is quite friendly. Finally, it is worth noting that most beaches of Thassos considered very friendly for children as they have swallow waters.

Beach Makryammos

Lies 2 km away from the main port, Limenas Thassos. Organized beach, part of hotel Makryammos Hotel, ideal for children because of the shallow sea and pure sand.
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Beach Chrysi Ammoudia

Wonderful long sandy beach located in a very well organized tourist resort which offers everything for all tastes.
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Beach Prinos / Dasylio

Fantastic sandy beach with palm trees and crystal clear waters. All facilities are within walking distance.
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Beach Skala Kallirakhis

Oblong beach with sand and pebbles. It is a quiet beach with shallow waters and easy access as it is located near the main road. Ideal for families.
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Beach Psili Ammos

Organized beach with easy access and many young people. The shallow waters together with the fine sand and the rocks creating a unique backdrop.

Beach Pefkari

Beautiful beach which is surrounded by pine forest, located on the south side of the island. The beach consists of sand and pebbles.
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Beach Paradeisos

Exotic organized sandy beach with turquoise waters and relatively easy access. Adjacent to Paradeisos you will find a nudist beach.
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Beach Limenaria

Big beach with easy access, located to the west of the village Limenaria. You can enjoy various water sports and you have many options for your entertainment.
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Beach Thassos Poli / Limanaki

Located in the Thassos town. Close to the town centre and to the epicentre of the life on the island.
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Beach Aliki

Magnificent sandy beach in a magical place that sparkles history. From the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Beach Skala Rachoni

Sandy beach with shallow and clear water. Good choice for families because of the easy access and benefits provided by the settlement.
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