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Thasos - Lagoon Gkiola


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Thasos - Ancient Agora of Thasos Ancient Agora of Thasos
The Ancient Agora (:marketplace) of Thassos is a 80X100 square meters (861X1076 square feet) where they gathered the residents of the capital city. Surrounded by arcades, religious and public buildings. There was a paved road connecting the market with the port. Essentially it was the nucleus of city life, as it was the political, administrative and religious center. The excavations began in 1911 by the French archaeological company but the bulk of research and disclosure of site was held from 1948 to 1955. The temples that existed in ancient market was that of Agoraios Zeus, the Temple of Theagenes, Olympic champion and son of Hercules who was worshiped in Thassos as hero healer and also in Roman times honored with memorial sons of August Gaius and Lucius Caesar. The market was destroyed in the 3rd century BC after a raid of the Heruli and part of the materials used for construction of houses and a basilica during the 5th century AD.
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