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Skyros - Skyros Town


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Sights in Skyros

Skyros - Caves of Skyros Caves of Skyros
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Skyros - Beaches of Skyros Beaches of Skyros
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Skyros - Chora of Skyros Chora of Skyros
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Skyros - Faltaits Historical and Folklore Museum Faltaits Historical and Folklore Museum
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Skyros - Skyros Pony Skyros Pony
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Skyros - Pouria Pouria
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Skyros - Carnival in Skyros Carnival in Skyros
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Population: 2.602
Airport(s): Skyros Island National (SKU)
Description: The southernmost island of the Sporades, Skyros is located opposite Euboea. Traces of the first human to habitat the island began in the Stone Age (8000 BC) and it seems that there has been continuous. Pelasgians, Cretan, Carian, Dolopes, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines and Turks passed through here, affecting not only the development of the island and its traditions but its culture, something evidenced by the scattered monuments of all time, which exist everywhere in Skyros. This is a very special island as its territory is characterized by a contradiction, with the northern part of Skyros covered mostly by lush pine forests and the southern part is rocky and barren. This way it is satisfying to every visitor, whether those seeking green, or those who love the barren beauty of the Cycladic landscape. The distinct personality of Skyros enriched by cultural features such as Skyrian horse that is unique throughout the world, the carnival traditions and rich folklore tradition. Skyros is regarded as one of the least affected by tourism islands, with the country gathers the most traffic as there are number of hotels and lodgings. Relaxing holiday with heavenly beaches and endless natural beauty, is what has to offer to its guests. Skyros can be reached by ferry from Kymi or by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki.

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