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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Chora of Samothraki Chora of Samothraki
The capital of Samothrace called Chora is located 6 kilometres from the port Kamariotissa, in the inside of the island. It is built amphitheatrically on the foothills of mount Saos, surrounded by pine trees, on the ruins of the medieval castle that the family of Gattiluzzi built. In Chora you will find several paths that lead to the top of mount Saos, which is called Feggari.

The cobblestoned streets are narrow and the houses are traditional, with 2 floors and all are adjacent to each other. They are built in a way that allows the sun to every single house and warm all.

The church of Chora is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary where you can see very old murals and paintings of saints. You can also visit the small Folklore museum, founded a few years back, which gathers, preserves and shows the traditional way of living, the things people used in their every day life, the clothes they were wearing and many other things.

While in Samothrace don't forget to taste the dish that the island is famous for, the traditionally cooked goat in one of the many tavernas.

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