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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Palaiopolis Palaiopolis
The area of the ancient Palaiopolis starts from the small church of Hagia Paraskevi and goes up to the cobblestoned road of the archaeological museum and the Temple of the Gods. The ancient city of Samothrace was built on the east, on the foothills of mount St. George. What stands out is the walls of the city, made with big rocks, all different size from each other that was 5-6 metres high and 2.5-4 metres wide.

The port of the ancient city was outside the city walls. According to many sources Apostle Paul visited Samothrace on his journey from Minor Asia to Kavala. An Early Christian church was built, the ruins of which can be found in the east part of the ancient port. During medieval times the family of Genoa Gattilusi built a new, better defensive wall to protect the city, not only from the Turks, but from the Venetians as well. The fortress had a moat, a precinct and three towers, but only one of them still exists.

The ancient city was inhabited until the Byzantine years, while most of the ruins are buried under the dense vegetation that covers most of the island.

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