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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Beaches of Samothrace
Paxia Ammos, Vatos & Kipoi
You should forget the long beaches with the perfect white sand and you should also forget the layer of sunscreen in the sea. In Samothrace, probably apart from the beach of Pachia Ammos, you will find wild beaches, in some cases even dangerous, but all of them are going to be the most clear waters you will ever swim. Some of them can be reached only by boat "Theodora", from which you can see the waterfall "Kremasta Nera" (hanged waters), as well as the geological phenomenon "Ta pania tis Grias" (old lady's sails).

Beach Paxia Ammos

Beautiful beach, the only one which has sand. Located at the southernmost point of the island and access is relatively easy, following the road that starts from the village Lakoma. Paxia Ammos is considered the most popular beach on the island and has a restaurant and a beach bar.

Beach Vatos

Magnificent beach with sand, pebbles and icy waters at the mouth of the Vatos gorge. There is no road connection so you can approach the beach either by boat or on foot after a difficult path through the rocks (caution, do not try it unless you have experience and knowledge of the region).

Beach Kipoi

Long beach (for the standards of Samothrace), with small pebbles and relatively easy access by road or by boat. Located on the most eastern part of the island, near the homonymous promontory, overlooking Imbros.
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