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Nafplio - Plateia Syntagmatos


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Nafplio - Castle of Nafplio Castle of Nafplio
Palamidi is a military fort, built in a Baroque style on the east side of the city. It is built on a hill of 216 metres high by the Venetians during their second occupation period of the city(1686-1715). The fort was a big and very ambitious plan but it was finished in only three years in 1714. The bastions had all names of ancient Greek heroes when the fort was built, they were renamed during the Ottoman occupation into Turkish names and after Nafplio joined free Greece, the bastions took names of Orthodox saints. One of the bastions, called "Miltiadis", was used as a prison for the hero of the War of Independence, Theodoros Kolokotronis. A visit to Palamidi will give you the opportunity to enjoy the great view of Nafplion and Argolic Gulf.
How to get there: You can walk up the 857 steps from the Constitution square or with a car.
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