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Sights in Metsovo

Metsovo - Local products of Metsovo Local products of Metsovo
"In Metsovo you will find local products of great quality and purity made of milk, herbs, meat. The most known product..." read more »
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Metsovo - Averof Art Gallery Averof Art Gallery
"The gallery of Evaggelos Averof was named after the important Greek politician who was from Metsovo. It is in the cen..." read more »
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Metsovo - Averopheios Garden Averopheios Garden
"During your stay in Metsovo you could visit Averopheios Garden. The whole park is a wonderful place for a walk. It co..." read more »
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Metsovo - Tositsa Baron Museum of Metsovo Tositsa Baron Museum of Metsovo
"The museum of folk art is very close to Metsovo's centre and has a large number of old things people used in their ev..." read more »
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Metsovo - Watermill of Ginas Watermill of Ginas
"Very close to Metsovo you will find the watermill of Ginas. It is on the river of Arahthos and is one of the most kno..." read more »
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Metsovo - Monastery of Assumption of Mary Monastery of Assumption of Mary
"While in Metsovo you can visit the monastery of Assumption of Mary, which is very close to the centre. It was built i..." read more »
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Population: 3.469
Description: Metsovo is a mountain town of Epirus with population just over 3,000 residents. Located in the Pindos Mountains at an altitude of 1,200 meters ( 3,940 feet) and is about 50 km (31 miles) from the city of Ioannina. The largest proportion of residents are Vlach origin in the past the main economic activities of the wider region focused on farming. This is also why Metsovo is a leader in quality cheese. Moreover Metsovo boasts his great spiritual life of Greece as a place of origin of some of the largest national benefactors like Averof, Stournaris and Tositsas. Since many tourist guides describe it as the most picturesque settlement of Greece and when you will first experience the view to the village you will be convinced that it certainly deserves such a title. In recent decades tourism claims the majority stake of the overall activities of the locals, but in no case this development eroded the traditional character of the area. Now with the completion of the motorway junction of “Egnatia” Highway access is easy and tempts even the most undecided about making a really special trip.

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