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Lamia - A panoramic view, taken from the castle


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Lamia - Thermopyles Thermopyles
Thermopyles battle is probably one of the most famous battles of ancient Greeks against the Persian empire which took place in 480 BC. It lasted three days and it was the fight of all Greek cities-states united against the common enemy emperor Xerxes of Persia. On the same time the Greek navy was fighting against Persian navy in Artemision. The location was chosen because Greeks were few compared to the army of Persians and they knew that if they stayed there, at this narrow passage, numbers wouldn't matter. According to ancient Greek sources Persian soldiers were millions but it is considered to be an exaggeration and in reality scientists believe that the Persian army had 100.000 to 300.000 soldiers. Greeks managed to hold for 7 days, including the three days battle under the command of king Leonidas. They closed the only way Persian army could pass and probably conquer ancient Greece. On the third day, a local citizen called Efialtis showed a secret road to Persians leading them behind of Greek army and attacking them after surrounding them. When Leonidas realised the treason, he ordered the majority of the soldiers to leave in order to avoid a massacre and he kept fighting with 300 Spartans, 400 Thespians, 400 Thebeans and probably some more who denied to leave. Most of the soldiers died at the battlefield. Thermopyles battle is a perfect example of selflessness, sacrifice and obedience to the laws of the Country. The resistance in the passage of Thermopyles is a result of hard military training, better equipment and brilliant use of the land in order to multiply their defence abilities. The passage of Thermopyles doesn't exist anymore, since the silting made by Spercheios river moved the beach and the sea a few kilometres away. Near Thermopyles, next to the national road you can see a memorial statue of king Leonidas and his soldiers with an inscription saying: "Ὦ ξεῖν’, ἀγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ὅτι τῇδε κείμεθα, τοῖς κείνων ῥήμασι πειθόμενοι", which means: "Stranger, tell Spartans that we lay here, staying faithful to Sparta’s laws."
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