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Lamia - A panoramic view, taken from the castle


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Lamia - Lamia Squares Lamia Squares
Parkou Square, Laou Square, Eleftherias Square, Diakos Square
Lamia is one of the rare cities in Greece which has so many squares in the city centre, and very close to each other. They are plateia Parkou (Park square), plateia Laou (public square), plateia Eleftherias (freedom square) and plateia Diakou (Diakos square). The squares gather a large part of the city life and each one of them is a place to meet people. Plateia Laou, with the statue of Aris Velouhiotis in the middle, is full of restaurants with grill with skewers, for which Lamia is famous for. Plateia Eleftherias is the loudest of all, since it is full of cafeterias and bars and all young people of the city meet here. Plateia Diakou is the smallest, with a statue of Athanasios Diakos in the middle and many beautiful Neoclassical buildings around it. Plateia Parkou is a modern square with banks, government agencies and companies.
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