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Lamia - A panoramic view, taken from the castle


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Lamia - Kakogianeio Asteroscholeio Ipatis Kakogianeio Asteroscholeio Ipatis
Kakogianneio planetarium of Ipati
It opened its doors in the end of 2010 and it is close to the village Ipati, 20 kilometres away from Lamia. The idea of opening a school-planetarium belongs to a couple of teachers, Giorgios Sfikas and Kia Tziotzi, it was supported by the Club of Amateur Astronomers and it was founded by Stavros and Irene Kakogiannis, and it was named after them. It is a centre of research and dissemination of the science of astronomy not only to students but to all who love stars and universe. It has an amphitheatre of presentations, an observatory and a planetarium dome. It is a very active institution, organising many events concerning Astronomy. If you are interested in a visit, you can look for more details in the official website.
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